Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis
“a marked difference in my mobility”

“I have been going since the summer for acupuncture with Joe Stevens and I have noticed a marked difference in my mobility. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and I would definitely recommend acupuncture to anyone struggling with pain of any kind. The whole experience is so relaxing, I just love it. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Cathy Nisby-Nidd

Side effects of radiotherapy
“after 2 treatments my symptoms disappeared”

After 5 months of suffering after Radio Therapy for a brain tumour and the awful side effects associated with it, I was introduced to Joe Stevens. After the initial consultation Joe said that we would know after a couple of treatments if he could help me.

Wow! After just 2 treatments my symptoms disappeared! The NHS had tried for months with steroids and pain killers to no avail.

Thanks to Joe’s knowledge and treatment I am now able to return to work. Thank you for restoring my faith where the NHS failed!

Dave Taylor

“Joe is very knowledgeable – highly recommend him”

“Joe is very knowledgeable and most of all he knows his stuff really well. I have seen him lots of times and it highly recommend him.” 

Entela Lala

Ophthalmic shingles
“The results were immediate and extraordinary”


“I was suffering from the after effects of ophthalmic shingles – maddeningly tingly scalp and eyebrow, like spiders crawling in my hair, especially at night. In a single online consultation, Joe patiently identified pressure points and taught me how to self-administer pain relief.

The results were immediate and extraordinary. The ‘spiders’ were banished within a few days of using Joe’s techniques. My GP had warned it could take weeks for the tingling to stop. I couldn’t recommend Joe more highly.”

Amanda Crabbe

Arthritis in knees
“the pain relief was instant”

“I have recently been for an MRI scan on my knees. The pain I was getting was like tooth ache in my inner knees, making sitting crossed legged in yoga and meditation VERY uncomfortable.

Upon receiving the results I was told I have a form of arthritis in both knees (this all happened since entering my menopause). It was suggested by the NHS I have my knees intravenously drained 

Instead I decided to visit Joe for acupuncture. The pain relief was INSTANT 

This morning I have meditated and been to a yoga class ……… with NO PAIN at all 😃 AND I was able to do a half lotus, which I’ve not been able to do for some time!

So if you have symptoms like mine then give it a go!!!! Thanks Joe, you’re a genius.” 

Claire Salter

Trapped nerve in shoulder
“the pain is rapidly reducing”

I have been going to see Joe as I have a trapped nerve in my shoulder and have been under the hospital now for 10 months who have done absolutely nothing.

Joe has treated me with acupuncture 3 times now and the pain is rapidly reducing. He is such a lovely man, so patient and certainly knows all there is to know about acupuncture. Four more sessions booked for this week, really looking forward to the relaxation. Thank you Joe.”

Patricia Mills

Prolapsed disc and crippling sciatica“helped me get more mobile”

 “I came to Joe when I had a prolapsed disc in my back and crippling sciatica. Joe was such a lovely man, super knowledgeable and really helped me get more mobile using acupuncture and some fascinating little beads on the back of my ears! I’d highly recommend Joe for his friendliness and skills – I’m not good with needles but he’s brilliant at working with you!” 

Carly Williams

“Highly recommend if you are in pain, need relaxing or stress release”

Joe is an extremely kind hearted, caring and compassionate acupuncturist that I have been seeing for years and would highly recommend him if you are in pain, need relaxing or stress relief etc” 

Nila Sha

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